Bike-A-Thon Registration

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Bike-A-Thon Registration

When: June 8, 2019

Where: 5595 Tyrell Park Rd | Beaumont, Texas 77705

Time: 8:00 a.m. to  3:00 p.m.

Donation: $30.00 Single| 14, 22, 43, 62, & 75 Miles

Day of Event: $40 Single | $80 Family of 3 or more

Any Question Please Contact:

Vanessa Bottley | 409-767-1099

Glenda Chilo | 409-433-1938

Bicycle Sports | 409-860-5959

Kickstand Bike Shop | 409-860-5532


Lunch Will be Served!

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June 8, 2019
H.O.N.E.Y. Foundation, Inc. Annual Bike-A-Thon
2018 Registration

Register online at or fill out information below and turn in with a donation of $30 Single rider $80 Family of Late registration (day of ride) $40 Single Mail Check or Money Order: HONEY Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 461 Port Arthur, Texas 77641

Check in starts at 6:30 a.m. 5595 Tyrrell Park Rd, Beaumont, Texas 77705
Ride Starts at 7:30.a.m for 62 & 75 Miles 8:00 a.m. for 14-43 miles

Enter Bike Ride Miles: 14 miles, 22 miles, 62 miles, 75 miles

Each rider is required to complete and sign the HONEY Foundation Inc. Bike-A-Thon Waiver. If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign waiver While bicycling is an outstanding recreational sport, it also involves risks. Some of these risks include but are not limited to: traveling on or crossing heavily traveled roads, winding roads, steep descents, potholes, accidents, unexpected moves of another rider, physical exertion, fatigue, flat tires, and motorists. Pace and distance may vary from the written or verbal description. HONEY Foundation, Inc. requires the wearing of helmets, I hold HONEY Foundation Inc. harmless for any injury resulting from my failure to wear a helmet or improper wearing of a helmet. The undersigned acknowledges that the risk inherent in recreational bicycling and the undersigned agrees to assume all risks associated with participation in HONEY Foundation Inc. Bike-A-Thon event. The undersigned further agrees to save and hold harmless HONEY Foundation Inc. and its officers, directors, coordinators, employees, volunteers, other ride attendees from any and all liability for any injury or damage resulting from, or in any way connected with, participation in HONEY Foundation Bike-A-Thon.
I warrant that I am competent to ride safely and that my bicycle and equipment are in safe working condition. I agree to obey all traffic laws and to practice safety and courtesy when cycling. I hereby consent to and permit any emergency treatment in the event of injury or illness nature can have no application. The purpose of this article is to reduce the incidence of disability and death resulting from injuries incurred in bicycling accidents by requiring that, while riding on a bicycle on public roadways, public bicycle paths, or other public rights-of-way, all operators and passengers who are under 16 years of age to wear approved protective bicycle helmets.
In the case of children under the age of 18, I hereby agree to the terms of the above waiver on behalf of my child (children). I agree to abide by federal, state and local helmet laws as they apply to my child (children). I agree that HONEY Foundation, Inc., its officers, activity organizers, ride leaders and other members have no obligation to provide instruction to, or supervision of my children.


Signature of Participate